Stanler offer an extensive range of solenoids, including open-frame, tubular, rotary and magnetic latching. Customised devices can be considered where standard units do not meet the exact needs.
Used for long life in either Pull or Push modes. The coil is totally encased in a cylindrical body using a nylon bobbin to give longer life. Available in various sizes from l3mm to 76.2mm dia with a stroke length up to 63.5mm.
The 3 ball rotary solenoid is based on the low profile version but with 3 balls rolling down an inclined slot.
This transforms the linear motion into a rotary one with only a small amount of linear travel. Angles of 1100 in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction are available. The shaft is returned to the start position by means of a spring.
Low Profile
A Push/Pull solenoid designed to obtain maximum force within a small size. Sizes are available from 12.5mm dia to 87mm dia and operating force up to 2000N.
Open Frame
A low cost option to operate in either Pull or Push mode with a linear travel of up to 35mm. Available in both AC and DC voltages.
Small Electromagnet
Consisting of a stationary iron core, coil and keep piece. The device is designed to provide attraction only.
Magnetic Latching
The Keep solenoid as it is sometimes known is a power saving DC linear device. The plunger is pulled by an instantaneous voltage and held even if the voltage is turned off. To return to the original position, reverse the polarity and include a return spring. There is also a double magnet version giving a two direcfional device.
Consists of a coil and a flat plate armature which is moved down onto the coil when a DC voltage is applied.
A Push solenoid with the ability to incorporate a stamping head to print letters and numbers. An example is the confirmation of fax transmissions.
Electromagnets are designed as versatile holding devices with a holding force up to 1800N. All coils are fully encapsulated with a 100% duty cycle.
Available in open frame with side or open end plate mounting. Can be used in a fail safe or fail secure form. The product is also available in a tubular design with hardened steel locking bolt.
Proportional Linear and Rotary
Proportional solenoids are possible due to a unique design of the magnetic pole configurations and the addition of a return spring. The position of the armature is controlled by varying the input current to the coil
The stepping solenoid will increment by a fixed angle (150 or 300) each time the coil is energised. Available in uni and bi-directional versions.