Programmable for any application

NKK's innovative programmable IS Series Intelligent Switches feature an integrated liquid crystal display in the pushbutton actuator that can be programmed to display graphics and alphanumeric characters. Animation sequences that prompt users through an error-free sequence of actuations are also easily programmed. Complex decision trees can be accomplished with fewer switches for simpler less costly designs.
Smart Switches conform to allow users in virtually any industry to instantly recognize a switch's function and make the correct actuation. The device's red or green background can even be programmed to flash, indicating the need for immediate action. NKK Intelligent Switches can make today's high-tech work world a lot simpler.

Numerous advanced features
1 Numeric, alphabetic (in user-definable fonts), moving and still graphics
2 Bi-color backlighting on LCD enhances input and output information and increases switch functionality
3 Large LCD face with 36x24 pixel displays for clear indication of switch function and current status
4 Easy connection to microprocessor without control unit
5 Self-contained display refresh does not interrupt CPU processing

Make a smart move
Find out how NKK's programmable Intelligent Switch can enhance and streamline your product or your company 5 performance.

Front view
Side view
    Pin assignment

Switch Specifications for IS-15F2G2NP4
Contact Rating 100mA @ 1 2V DC (resistive load)
Contod Resistance 200 milliohms maximum (20mV 10mA)
Insulation Resistance 100 megohms minimum @ 100V DC
Dieledric Strength 1 minute over 125V AC
Mechanical Endurance 3,000,000 cycles minimum
Electrical Endurance 3,000,000 cycles minimum
Operating Force 1 .5±O.5N
Total Travel 2mm
Operating Temp. Range 00C to +400C
Storage Temp. Range -100C to +600C

Terminal Specifications
Pin No. Symbol Pin Name
3 SW Terminal of switch
4 SW Terminal of switch
5 BL-LED Terminal of backlight LED
6 D out Data output
7 FLM First line marker
8 LP Latch pulse
9 SCP Serial clock pulse
10 Din Data input
11 GND Ground
12 VDD Power
13 VLC Power
14 BL-LED Terminal of backlight LED

Electrical Characteristics
Display Parameter Symbol
Logic Circuit VDD 4.5 5.0 5.5 V
LCD Circuit VLC _ 7.6 - V
High Level VIH 0.7 VDD VDD V
Low Level VIL 0 0.3 VDD V
High Level VOH Vpp-0.5 V
Low Level VOL 0.5 V
Logic Circuit IDD 500 mA
LCD Circuit ILC 500 2,000 mA
Back Light Forward Current IF 20 mA
Forward Voltage
VF Rating
3.8 Red/4.3 Green

LCD Display Specifications
Display Operation Mode FSTN Positive, background colour: B/W
Display Condition Transflective type (LED backlight built in)
Viewing Area 15.00 x 10.80 mm (horizontal x vertical)
Pixel Format 36 x 24 dots (horizontal x vertical)
Pixel Size 0.36 x 0.36mm (horizontal x vertical)
Backlight LED Bicolour lighting (red/green)

  • Industrial control panels
  • Medical equipment
  • Communication systems
  • Audio/video broadcast equipment
  • Graphic workstations / peripherals
  • Air traftic control panels
  • Traftic control systems
  • Financial trading systems
  • Automatic ticketing machine
  • POS/Electronic cash register
  • Programmable keyboards

1 Clear and easy-to-operate LCD provides wide viewing angles, high contrast and clarity.

2 Brilliant bi-color, backlit LCDs enable multifunctional uses.

3 Constructed for dust resistance with interior seal at switching mechanism. Provides unparalleled logic level reliability and millions of actuations.
4 Qptional coupler (AT-542) enables space saving side-by-side vertical and horizontal mountings. PCB mating socket and snapin bezel also available.

5 Epoxy sealed terminals prevent entry of solder flux and other contaminants.